Your “Cognitive Profile” is what makes you unique as a learner, with unique learning preferences and patterns.

Your Cognitive Profile is a tool, just like your glasses… What do we mean?

Imagine you go to an eye doctor because you can’t see too well, and the doctor just grabs their  own glasses and gives them to you saying that since they work great for them,  you should be fine too. Would your problem be solved? Probably NOT. You would need your own customised glasses based on your needs, right?

Your Cognitive Profile works just the same way. You are different from your peers, and learning the same way with the same methods as everyone else doesn’t  work as well as it could. It’s probably why you may have felt stressed, or frustrated, when you’ve been trying to learn something, and it just doesn’t make sense no matter how hard you try.

Developing  a custom learning strategy  based on your needs and preferences will improve your life significantly.

There are two main elements that make up your Cognitive Profile: your learning patterns and your learning preferences.

By discovering what your unique Cognitive Profile is, you will unlock your inner Genius.

Learning Patterns

Since school, all of us have spent innumerable hours on books and texts trying to transfer concepts and data from the pages to our brain. In the process of doing so, beside building knowledge, we have built something much more durable and persistent: our learning patterns

These include all the automatic mechanisms that you apply when you need to learn something new. 

You would think we are all experts at learning by now, after doing it for so many years, but as you may have already realised: we are not

The school system is very focused on what you have to learn, rather than how to learn it. Classes are centred around specific topics, not systems to learn. 

So each person starts a process of trial and error on their own, hoping to figure out the best way for them to acquire the knowledge. 

Being an empirical process carried out with no knowledge whatsoever, some of the learning patterns you have developed will be extremely useful for you, others will slow you down and at times even block you completely. 

Have you ever felt stressed about an exam?

Have you ever postponed until the last minute to complete an assignment? 

Have you ever felt unmotivated to spend an evening learning?

At inGeniusly, through the first part of our Cognitive Profile analysis, we understand what your patterns are, which ones are serving you well and which ones need to be substituted, which ones are a priority for you to unblock and which ones will be improved as a consequence. 

The Learning Abilities Test is a great tool to help us uncover the mechanisms that you put in place every time you need to study, work or learn something new. It was developed by learning psychologists at the University of Padua, and through its results it is an accurate scan of where you are now, so that we can work together to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

Learning Preferences

Whereas some learning patterns may need improvement when they are slowing you down, there are some factors that only require awareness, as there is nothing to fix in them: these are your learning preferences. 

  • Do you work best when a deadline is approaching or when you feel no pressure?
  • Do you bring out the best in yourself when you can follow a proven system or when you can disrupt the process
  • Is it easier for you to remember images or words
  • What comes more naturally to you: having a 10,000-foot global view or focusing on the tiny details? 


These are just some of the elements that define your learning preferences and combine to make up your Cognitive Archetype. 

Are you an Air Warrior or a Fire Knight? An Earth Muse or a Water Wizard? Find out through our signature assessment

Knowledge is power, and once you know your Cognitive Archetype, then you will be able to:

  • Understand the most natural way for you to process concepts and tasks
  • Use your strengths as a foundation to build your personal method
  • Gain awareness of the challenges that come with your Cognitive Archetype
  • Learn specific strategies to overcome these challenges


A unique combination of patterns and preferences demands a unique approach to learning, and we are here to help you craft your personalised learning method. 

Whether you want to be more efficient at work or to study large amounts of information effectively, becoming aware of your Cognitive Profile is the first step on the road to unlocking your inner Genius!


Everyone learns in a unique way. To reach mastery in any skill we need a mentor who will understand what makes us unique, guide us, and give us feedback along the way to correct those mistakes that we are not yet able to recognise, thus helping us to improve.

At inGeniusly, at the beginning of the journey, every student takes an in-depth assessment that helps us to define their unique Cognitive Profile. Every student is assigned a Mentor who has qualified as such after at least 6 months of intense training and 8 exams. Each Mentor is trained to tailor the techniques and exercises to the specific profile of the student, in order to help them to create their own personalised learning method. The final goal is to make sure that the student masters the art of learning and is independent in applying the techniques to their own goals.


This element is extremely important and often misinterpreted. In order to become an expert, applying the latest theory is not enough: we need to do it based on the principles of deliberate practice. We need to know what all the building blocks of that skill are and practise in a very specific way until we are able to master all of them. This will help us to build our own, sophisticated mental representations, which will lead up to mastery.

At inGeniusly, we have created a whole set of foundational exercises for each step of the Genius PRIME Method. To increase their effectiveness, they are taught in a fun way which enhances implicit learning and leads our students to the level of unconscious competence that is required to master learning.


This element includes all the valuable knowledge and techniques in the field you have chosen. These will probably evolve and be refined over time, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest research in that area.

At inGeniusly, our framework is called the Genius PRIME Method. This includes the latest techniques and knowledge you need in order to master each of the five steps of the learning process, so that learning can become as effective as our brain is wired to find it.


  • Understand the relation between your memory and your results
  • Discover the phases of memory
  • Find out about the main characteristics of your memory and how to use them
  • Improve your memory in 17 minutes

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