The Genius Journey

Not just a course but a complete learning system


The course is structured as a mixture of group and one-to-one sessions that are meant to guide you along a journey, where you will acquire all the most advanced learning techniques and reshape them according to your unique Cognitive Profile.

The process will be characterised by a lot of fun (fun and learning are not usually associated, but they will be from now on…), and moments of true self-discovery, where with a dedicated personal mentor you will overcome your old limits and set new standards for yourself as far as learning.

Who is this course for?

The course is for you if you:

  • feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do
  • need to go through a lot of emails and articles​
  • wish you could speak one more language​
  • have to revise a lot of material
  • must retain hard data for work
  • Attend a lot of meetings ​


We work mostly with university students and professionals up to 45 years old, but the course will work for anyone who wants to improve!

If you would like to discover how to access the learning power of your mind, this course is what you are looking for.

Learning Outcomes

There are five stages you need to go through when you learn anything, and you will learn how to master them all with our Genius PRIME Method.

Completing this course will help you to:


Time Management and Motivation

Time and motivation are the two factors that affect whether or not you will even sit down to start working to achieve your learning goals. Underestimating them means planning for failure.

You will learn our signature technique to organise your time effectively and stick to the plan you make. You will also understand what affects your motivation towards your goals and learn how to increase it.


Learn Strategic Reading

Strategic Reading is a reading method that will not only let you read in half of the time, but also allow you to understand better. 

You will learn how to actively use your brain in order to comprehend and absorb what you need, putting together all the techniques that you may have heard about (skimming, scanning, critical reading, previewing, etc.) but in a new, multifaceted way that will help you rediscover your passion for reading.


Process Complex Concepts

Everyone represents information in a completely different way in their own mind, and this affects understanding and organising the texts we read and the talks we listen to. 

Learning what the best way is for you to process information, according to your Cognitive Profile, will simplify your learning and increase the depth of your knowledge of/in any topic you would like to tackle.


Enhance Your Memory

Most people have been taught to memorise through repetition, either by reading and repeating, or reading and rewriting, or reading and re-reading. There are a few problems with repetition: it is boring; it is time-consuming; it is not effective for remembering information in the long term. 

You will learn advanced memorisation techniques that will allow you to memorise anything fast, having fun and retaining it in the long term. Even more importantly, you will learn to adapt them to your unique Cognitive Profile to become extremely fast and effective.


Present with Confidence & Excel at Exams

Once you learn the information, you need to be able to express it at your best, whether it is through delivering a presentation, passing an exam, succeeding in a job interview or speaking the language you have learned.

In order to do so, you will learn how to perform under pressure and how to speak in public with confidence. Mastering these skills will allow you to showcase your preparation rather than your nervousness, in order to get what you deserve.


Learn languages from zero to fluent

Learning a new language is not an easy task, as it requires you to learn a new pronunciation, a lot of vocabulary and many grammar rules. However, it is something that every human being is wired to be able to do (if taught properly… )

During the course, you will learn how to easily remember the pronunciation rules, how to memorise 1,000 words in a month (and retain them in the long term), how to organise concepts to help your mind understand and use grammar rules better, and how to put it all together to actually speak the language.

Ready to Start Your Journey?


  • Understand the relation between your memory and your results
  • Discover the phases of memory
  • Find out about the main characteristics of your memory and how to use them
  • Improve your memory in 17 minutes

*if you don’t have 17 minutes now, don’t worry: you will also receive the masterclass in your inbox to watch it later


Everyone learns in a unique way. To reach mastery in any skill we need a mentor who will understand what makes us unique, guide us, and give us feedback along the way to correct those mistakes that we are not yet able to recognise, thus helping us to improve.

At inGeniusly, at the beginning of the journey, every student takes an in-depth assessment that helps us to define their unique Cognitive Profile. Every student is assigned a Mentor who has qualified as such after at least 6 months of intense training and 8 exams. Each Mentor is trained to tailor the techniques and exercises to the specific profile of the student, in order to help them to create their own personalised learning method. The final goal is to make sure that the student masters the art of learning and is independent in applying the techniques to their own goals.


This element is extremely important and often misinterpreted. In order to become an expert, applying the latest theory is not enough: we need to do it based on the principles of deliberate practice. We need to know what all the building blocks of that skill are and practise in a very specific way until we are able to master all of them. This will help us to build our own, sophisticated mental representations, which will lead up to mastery.

At inGeniusly, we have created a whole set of foundational exercises for each step of the Genius PRIME Method. To increase their effectiveness, they are taught in a fun way which enhances implicit learning and leads our students to the level of unconscious competence that is required to master learning.


This element includes all the valuable knowledge and techniques in the field you have chosen. These will probably evolve and be refined over time, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest research in that area.

At inGeniusly, our framework is called the Genius PRIME Method. This includes the latest techniques and knowledge you need in order to master each of the five steps of the learning process, so that learning can become as effective as our brain is wired to find it.