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As confirmed by the Science of Expertise, in order to master any skill we need an approach that is based on what we call the 3As: Acquire, Apply, Adapt.

Only by focusing on each of these elements, will someone be able to master any skill.

At lnGeniusly, we have specialised in combining these three elements to help you master the art of learning, and we have developed a system that is designed to help our students master learning in order to reach excellence in every endeavour they set their mind to.

Gold and Silver

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Through our GENIUS Journey, you will get to develop all the skills you need to master learning. First, you will prime your mind for learning (Steps G and E).

Then, during a powerful live weekend, you will learn advanced learning techniques achieving results that seemed impossible before (Step N). 

Finally, with your post-weekend sessions you will combine all the techniques to create your own lifelong system and become independent (Steps I, U and S).

Bronze and Basic


These products will help you get started with your journey. They rely primarily on self-study, but also provide you with some touchpoints with a Mentor to make sure that the “Adapt” element is still present.

What You Will Learn With Genius: Our Genius PRIME Method

The full GENIUS Journey



You may have a lot of goals with the course, but the first step is to select the ones that are the most relevant and urgent for you; the ones that you would like to start working on as soon as you finish the first weekend of the course.



Everyone’s brain is different and learns in a unique way. We will ask you to fill in our questionnaires to allow your Mentor to understand your Cognitive profile and tailor the method to you.


New techniques

During a full-immersion weekend, you will learn and practise the fundamentals of the new techniques, overcome many mental limits and get ready for the Integration stage and Mentoring sessions to come.



The first weeks after the weekend you will be given specific exercises you can do according to your goals; you will also have technique practice sessions to follow in order to master the techniques.



You Cognitive Profile and your goals are unique. You will have 7 1-hour sessions to spend with your personal Mentor. You will use their expertise to tailor what you have learned to your unique Cognitive Profile and achieve all the results you set your mind to.



You will become part of our Genius Alumni Community granting your limitless access to continuous training sessions and webinars, so as to develop your skills further in a group of like-minded individuals.

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Next course dates: 

22nd-23rd-24th April 2022 

20th-21st-22nd May 2022

Fee: Get in touch to hear about the different options


Everyone learns in a unique way. To reach mastery in any skill we need a mentor who will understand what makes us unique, guide us, and give us feedback along the way to correct those mistakes that we are not yet able to recognise, thus helping us to improve.

At inGeniusly, at the beginning of the journey, every student takes an in-depth assessment that helps us to define their unique Cognitive Profile. Every student is assigned a Mentor who has qualified as such after at least 6 months of intense training and 8 exams. Each Mentor is trained to tailor the techniques and exercises to the specific profile of the student, in order to help them to create their own personalised learning method. The final goal is to make sure that the student masters the art of learning and is independent in applying the techniques to their own goals.


This element is extremely important and often misinterpreted. In order to become an expert, applying the latest theory is not enough: we need to do it based on the principles of deliberate practice. We need to know what all the building blocks of that skill are and practise in a very specific way until we are able to master all of them. This will help us to build our own, sophisticated mental representations, which will lead up to mastery.

At inGeniusly, we have created a whole set of foundational exercises for each step of the Genius PRIME Method. To increase their effectiveness, they are taught in a fun way which enhances implicit learning and leads our students to the level of unconscious competence that is required to master learning.


This element includes all the valuable knowledge and techniques in the field you have chosen. These will probably evolve and be refined over time, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest research in that area.

At inGeniusly, our framework is called the Genius PRIME Method. This includes the latest techniques and knowledge you need in order to master each of the five steps of the learning process, so that learning can become as effective as our brain is wired to find it.


  • Understand the relation between your memory and your results
  • Discover the phases of memory
  • Find out about the main characteristics of your memory and how to use them
  • Improve your memory in 17 minutes

*if you don’t have 17 minutes now, don’t worry: you will also receive the masterclass in your inbox to watch it later