Soft Skills Academy

With our Genius programme we help you to unlock your inner Genius and take your results to the next level. The first results will happen immediately, while for the longer-term changes you will need to create some new habits. We will accompany you along the way. 

At times, however, life can become very challenging and demanding, and in those moments people tend to postpone everything that their life doesn’t depend on, giving priority to deadlines and survival needs.

This is very understandable. Unfortunately, focusing on our personal development is one of those activities that we may choose to put aside as “not survival-related”, unless we have a specific deadline or we are in need of a big change.

What is the problem then? 

That if in a moment in which I should solidify the work I have done, I give up on those activities that could help me get to mastery in favour of urgent tasks, I may end up in a never-ending downwards circle.

If I want to have better results but I don’t have the time to learn what will help me get better results, my results get worse and worse.

We don’t want this to happen to you! 

So we asked ourselves: 

– what is the best way to help you develop those skills that will boost your success at work regardless of your specific field? 

– And how can we do it in such a way that doesn’t require you to invest too much of your precious time while still being frequent enough to help you achieve great results?

This is how the Soft Skills Academy came to life. It is a gym for your soft skills, which will complement the work you do with our Genius programme but can also be attended independently from it.

In LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 report, some interesting data stands out: when choosing who to hire, 92% of talent professionals shared that soft skills weigh as much as or more than hard skills. And in 89% of the cases, bad hires lack soft skills.

Our Soft Skills Academy is designed to be a “gym” for your soft skills. 

Week by week, you will find a place where to learn about soft skills while being part of a community of people focused on raising their standards and building the success they desire. 

 How Will You Develop Your Soft Skills?

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