the one

The One is a residential course, held in a hotel in Italy. Everyone goes to the One with different goals. Some people want to let go of some old burdens, others want to acquire tools to improve the quality of their lives. There are those who ‘just’ want to share an unforgettable experience with their family and those who desire more clarity on where they want to be in life. Someone is curious. Someone knows someone who knows someone who has taken it before. No matter what the main reason is, the One won’t leave you disappointed. In these four days, you will work on your past, present and future. You will make peace with small and big burdens from your past; you will work on the values and rules which define your every day – and life decisions; you will create a clear picture of who you want to be. 

What it includes

  • 4-day in-person course
  • Food and accommodation for the duration of the course
  • If you would like to understand what topics are covered at The One and how The One can help you specifically, please get in touch with us

Next available edition:

5th-8th January 2023

Fee: Get in touch to hear about the different options

Mode of Delivery: In person, in Italy

coaching with giulia

Regardless of how happy and fulfilled we are, we always have a chance to discover something more about ourselves and increase our level of happiness. During these sessions with Giulia, you will understand more about how you work and what makes you unique. Combining a systemic approach with strategic intervention techniques, Giulia will use her sensitivity and expertise to help you get where you want to be. Whether your goals are professional or personal, at the end of the sessions you will find yourself with more tools and awareness in order to reach them. 

What it includes

  • 3 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Giulia
  • 5 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Giulia

Fee: 3 sessions: £500 5 sessions: £650

Mode of Delivery: Available both online and in-person