Everyone will differ in style and experiences; here you can find some facts about what we offer that we haven’t found in any other course yet:

1st: A Boutique Approach

Our level of personalisation to your individual learning characteristics is unparalleled. 

You are a unique learner, and only by respecting and nourishing your characteristics will you be able to craft the best learning method for your brain. 

There are two main ways in which we will tailor the techniques to you:

2nd: A Carefully Designed Structure

Although what you will learn is essential, how you will learn it is paramount.  

To make any course successful, there are certain elements that are non-negotiable:

With us you will take both group classes and personal sessions to combine the richness of a class environment with the personalisation and care that only one-to-one sessions with a Mentor can give you.


The full programme revolves around the 3-day Bootcamp, where you will acquire the majority of the new techniques. As a full immersion experience, the Bootcamp is a mixture of:

group sessions, held in an engaging, interactive way, 

and practical sessions, where you will be helped out by a Mentor in a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio

Before the Bootcamp, we will assess your Cognitive Profile.


Very often, people take a course to learn some new skills that they need; then they go back to their busy life and struggle to implement their new skills

They wrongly  believe that it is due to the poor quality of the skills they have learned or to their own lack of discipline. The reason is very different: if a course doesn’t include a proper follow-up process, with sessions that are personalised to the individual, then the fault is not to be found in you, nor in the quality of the skills: the problem is the structure of the programme

This is why, after the Bootcamp you will get access to a series of group and individual sessions to be able to integrate your new knowledge into your everyday life and make them second nature. Based on your availability, urgency and preference, this phase will last between two and six months.

Monitoring Your Progress

In order to facilitate your progress, you need to have an effective monitoring process. This is why we have created the Genius Dashboard, where you will be able to check your progress and clearly see the steps you have taken and the ones you haven’t yet; the goals you have set and the ones you have achieved; the techniques you need to focus on the most and the ones you have already mastered.

Implicit and Explicit Learning

Each class is designed to include implicit and explicit learning strategies. 

Our implicit learning exercises will help you to acquire some of the learning skills “unintentionally”, in a way that will make the skill automatic for you, like riding a bike.

Our explicit learning strategy will help you focus on understanding the conscious steps you need to take to achieve the desired results. 

Only by combining the two can your learning be effective.


Everyone learns in a unique way. To reach mastery in any skill we need a mentor who will understand what makes us unique, guide us, and give us feedback along the way to correct those mistakes that we are not yet able to recognise, thus helping us to improve.

At inGeniusly, at the beginning of the journey, every student takes an in-depth assessment that helps us to define their unique Cognitive Profile. Every student is assigned a Mentor who has qualified as such after at least 6 months of intense training and 8 exams. Each Mentor is trained to tailor the techniques and exercises to the specific profile of the student, in order to help them to create their own personalised learning method. The final goal is to make sure that the student masters the art of learning and is independent in applying the techniques to their own goals.


This element is extremely important and often misinterpreted. In order to become an expert, applying the latest theory is not enough: we need to do it based on the principles of deliberate practice. We need to know what all the building blocks of that skill are and practise in a very specific way until we are able to master all of them. This will help us to build our own, sophisticated mental representations, which will lead up to mastery.

At inGeniusly, we have created a whole set of foundational exercises for each step of the Genius PRIME Method. To increase their effectiveness, they are taught in a fun way which enhances implicit learning and leads our students to the level of unconscious competence that is required to master learning.


This element includes all the valuable knowledge and techniques in the field you have chosen. These will probably evolve and be refined over time, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest research in that area.

At inGeniusly, our framework is called the Genius PRIME Method. This includes the latest techniques and knowledge you need in order to master each of the five steps of the learning process, so that learning can become as effective as our brain is wired to find it.


  • Understand the relation between your memory and your results
  • Discover the phases of memory
  • Find out about the main characteristics of your memory and how to use them
  • Improve your memory in 17 minutes

*if you don’t have 17 minutes now, don’t worry: you will also receive the masterclass in your inbox to watch it later