Work Smarter, Not Harder

Identify your strengths and discover the essential skills

that will allow you to reach your ultimate goals faster.

What would happen if you could optimise your brain performance?

If you ever...

Wonder why you haven’t attained all your professional goals ​

Wish you could boost your career in a sustainable way ​

Feel like you are not using the full potential ​of your brain

Feel overwhelmed ​ by your professional responsibilities

we can help you

Enhance your focus and discipline ​

Optimise the way you acquire and retain information

Boost your analytical and creative skills​

Increase your productivity ​ you can:

Excel at what you do

Use your time for what really matters

Achieve your financial and career targets ​

Maximise your efficiency​

Optimise your brain performance

Your journey to Genius in 3 steps

There are 12 brain-related skills which are needed to achieve any professional or study goal.

Mastering them will help you to unlock your Inner Genius and your greatest results

1. Inner Genius Assessment

Which of the 12 skills do you actually need?

In what order?

Our in-depth assessment will create a tailored roadmap for you based on your perception, your goals and your current skill level.

2. Genius Unlocked Bootcamp

Focus, lateral thinking, critical thinking, observation skills and problem solving are the skills that serve as a basis to develop the advanced skills.

With our practical and innovative approach, we will work on unlocking these abilities in a 2.5-day immersive bootcamp.

3. Genius Modules

The advanced skills of peak performance include Productivity, Memory, Time Management, Effective Learning, Decision Making, Presentation Skills, and Strategic Reading.

After the Bootcamp, you will be ready to tackle the specific skills you need to work on, based on the roadmap created by your Inner Genius Assessment.

Kickstart your Genius journey by learning how your memory works


Everyone learns in a unique way. To reach mastery in any skill we need a mentor who will understand what makes us unique, guide us, and give us feedback along the way to correct those mistakes that we are not yet able to recognise, thus helping us to improve.

At inGeniusly, at the beginning of the journey, every student takes an in-depth assessment that helps us to define their unique Cognitive Profile. Every student is assigned a Mentor who has qualified as such after at least 6 months of intense training and 8 exams. Each Mentor is trained to tailor the techniques and exercises to the specific profile of the student, in order to help them to create their own personalised learning method. The final goal is to make sure that the student masters the art of learning and is independent in applying the techniques to their own goals.


This element is extremely important and often misinterpreted. In order to become an expert, applying the latest theory is not enough: we need to do it based on the principles of deliberate practice. We need to know what all the building blocks of that skill are and practise in a very specific way until we are able to master all of them. This will help us to build our own, sophisticated mental representations, which will lead up to mastery.

At inGeniusly, we have created a whole set of foundational exercises for each step of the Genius PRIME Method. To increase their effectiveness, they are taught in a fun way which enhances implicit learning and leads our students to the level of unconscious competence that is required to master learning.


This element includes all the valuable knowledge and techniques in the field you have chosen. These will probably evolve and be refined over time, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest research in that area.

At inGeniusly, our framework is called the Genius PRIME Method. This includes the latest techniques and knowledge you need in order to master each of the five steps of the learning process, so that learning can become as effective as our brain is wired to find it.


  • Understand the relation between your memory and your results
  • Discover the phases of memory
  • Find out about the main characteristics of your memory and how to use them
  • Improve your memory in 17 minutes

*if you don’t have 17 minutes now, don’t worry: you will also receive the masterclass in your inbox to watch it later