Discover your personal roadmap to success

This is where your journey begins!

Rather than proposing training that we feel could help you, through our eye-opening Inner Genius Assessment we’ll discover what you actually need the most, and in what order; this will give you the clarity you need to get started on any skill-development training.

Your Perception

What do you feel you want to improve more urgently?

Although our perception is subjective and therefore rarely accurate, it is a fundamental piece of the jigsaw puzzle. No one knows you better than you!

Your Goals

What skills are needed for you to achieve your goals?

Every goal requires us to master some specific skills. Sharing your goals with us will enable us to use our expertise and highlight what skills you need that will help you achieve them. We will add the middle pieces for the jigsaw puzzle.

Your Skill Level

What is your current skill level?

Through an objective assessment, we will discover your current skill level on an average, ordinary day for you. Which of the skills do you tend to perform better in? Which ones require improving?

Let’s get started

By putting these three elements together, we will be able to define your roadmap, so that you finally know what to focus on in order to achieve your goals!

Get the Assessment

What you can expect to gain from your Inner Genius Assessment

Clarify strengths and weaknesses

We’ll evaluate your skill level based on your energy and time of day. This isn’t a test but a chance to understand you better. Knowledge is power! What strengths can you leverage? What areas need improvement?

Cross-reference the skills with your goals

To progress in any journey, having a direction is essential, even if it’s not a specific destination. Understanding your current goals is vital, as it enables us to determine the skills you need to prioritise in order to achieve them.

Identify the most beneficial roadmap for you

By combining all the elements, we’ll create your personalised roadmap so that you know exactly where your efforts should be focused. Stop wasting your precious time and energy on things that won’t deliver results!

Receive results in 1-hour appointment with a Mentor

When we are talking about your brain, you may have a lot of questions. Rather than just sending you a report, a Mentor will sit down with you for one hour to walk you through your results and answer all the questions you might have.

Frequently asked questions

The Inner Genius Assessment delivery will take place online, at a date and time of your choosing. If you are able to travel to Central London, you could also meet us in person at our office! 

Chaos is the enemy of success. Our Inner Genius Assessment  will help you create order by understanding where exactly you should focus your efforts if you want to achieve your goals. And often it’s not what you would think!

By analysing your perception, your goals and your objective starting point on the 12 different skills needed to unlock your Inner Genius, we’ll provide you with a roadmap so you can discover exactly what skills you need to improve and in what order.

The best way to discover more about examples of our inner Genius Assessment (iGA) is to scroll through some of our testimonials, where previous clients have shared their insights about the impact the iGA has had on their goals. 

From people who realised that the main skills they needed were already their strongest, to people who finally discovered the root skill to focus on, and people who noticed some patterns in terms of their confidence and much more… Happy reading! 

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While we can’t speak to other courses, what we absolutely love about our approach – which we haven’t found anywhere else – is the combination of these 3 elements: 

Analysis allows us to help you work on what you actually need at the core, rather than being misdirected on what “seems” to be needed. 

Enhancement, through a carefully crafted programme, is designed to suit any type of learner. Integration, where a personal Mentor helps you to master each skill and make it your own. By designing your strategy, it will be tailored to your unique needs and characteristics. 

And let’s not forget about our wonderful community where you can meet more people who are driven and committed to fulfilling their aspirations, all while enjoying the journey!

Once you enrol in the inner Genius Assessment, you will get a link to complete a 75-minute online assessment in your own time. 

We can imagine that, when we are talking about your brain, you may have a lot of questions. Rather than just sending you a report, a Mentor will sit down with you for one hour to walk you through all of your results and answer all the questions you might have.


Yes, absolutely! You can reschedule the session by clicking the “Reschedule” button on your calendar invite.