In LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 report, some interesting data stands out: when choosing who to hire, 92% of talent professionals shared that soft skills weigh as much as, or more, than hard skills. And in 89% of the cases, bad hires lack soft skills.

What are the skills that could help you enhance your results and improve the quality of your life?

Here is the calendar of our next sessions!


Here you can get access to all the sessions of the Soft Skills Academy from 18th July to 29th August.

8th August, 7:00pm

Effortless Productivity:

  • What are the quick fixes you can apply to increase your productivity with no extra effort?


At times we think that only by changing every single process will we be able to finally be efficient. However, there are some small tweaks that improve your productivity immensely and immediately. 

During this session you will do a check on all the “quick fixes” you can apply to your everyday working routine. How many of these fixes are already part of your habits? What are the ones that you can (immediately) implement from the next day?

15th August, 7:00pm

Quick Thinking In Emergencies:

  • When an emergency strikes, where does your mind go?
  • What is preventing you from keeping your calm while the storm is raging on?
  • How can you think lucidly to quickly find solutions when an emergency arises? 


During this session, you will understand more about your approach to emergency situations, and you will learn about the FACE approach that will help you to face any emergency with the clarity of thought that is needed to find an effective solution.

22nd August, 7:00pm


  • How can you prioritise what is most important without losing track of what has to be done? 
  • How do you stop reliving the same 7 days week(-)by(after-)week?
  • How do you choose what to focus your energy on when everything seems to be urgent


During this session you will make sense of all the different prioritisation techniques and ideas you have heard about, to finally be able to make space for what really matters.

29th August, 7:00pm

Communicate Sensitive Topics:

  • When a situation needs to be dealt with tactfully, how at ease do you feel?
  • When talking about sensitive topics, how can you make sure that the conversation takes the turn you would like?
  • When delivering bad news, how can you handle your communication to reduce damage?


During this session you will discover the principles to keep in mind when dealing with difficult conversations, whether it is delivering bad news, communicating sensitive information, or talking about topics that require tactful handling.